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2 Cubic Foot Box Assembly Box File Boxes
2 Cubic Foot Box
Our Price: $2.50
Assembly Box
Our Price: $3.00
File Boxes
Our Price: $3.00
18"x15"x16" This box is perfect for packing most heavy and miscellaneous items during your move.
books, cans, jar foods, bathroom items, tools, stereo equipment
When you disassemble furniture keep all your screws, nuts, bolts and tools together in one place so you don't lose anything. Standard sized file box for storing documents.
4 Cubic Foot Box 5 Cubic Foot Box Small Mirror Box
4 Cubic Foot Box
Our Price: $3.75
5 Cubic Foot Box
Our Price: $5.00
Small Mirror Box
Our Price: $6.00
18"x18"x21" 18"x18"x27" 37"x4"x27"
Perfect for framed or mounted pictures and mirrors.
Lamp Shade Box Large Mirror Box China Carton
Lamp Shade Box
Our Price: $7.50
Large Mirror Box
Our Price: $12.00
China Carton
Our Price: $12.00
42" 7/16 x 3" 15/16 x 36"
Great for framed pictures and mirrors.
18"x18"x28" double walled carton.
Wardrobe Box
Wardrobe Box
Our Price: $14.00